The Elijah House Foundation Approach focuses on exceptional quality of care and amenities.

Four Core Health Elements

Our providers and staff believe in true whole person care through four core health elements that make up the human experience – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By transforming the character, we give life back to the people who have lost it through substance abuse and mental health issues.

Evidence-Based Practices

Elijah House Foundation uses evidence-based methods to accomplish restoration of families, relationships, and self-worth. Evidence-based practices include biopsychosocial assessments, needs barrier assessment, medical detox, and full behavioral health integration among others.

Personalized Accessible Care

We believe strongly in accessible counselors and medical directors. At no point throughout each client’s individual path to recovery are they ever without access to a behavioral health counselor. Clients are provided with personalized tools and supports best suited to their unique needs. By sharing the tools necessary for change, we watch the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration of the people we care for.

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