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Work Program

In 2018, Elijah House became a subcontractor for a work program that offered transitional employment to anyone in the community and our participants that were ready to get back into the workforce, performing litter abatement on the highways and freeways. We are now expanding our offerings into seasonal agricultural labor contracts.

In 2022, we expanded to more counties. We offer Job Development Services while we also teach our team members valuable work ethics and skills! We currently have a 34% employment rate (or higher) once they finish our program.

Benefits of Teaming with Us

Like a temp agency, The Elijah House Foundation’s Work Crew Program provides the liability of payroll, workers comp, and state standard sick days. Additionally, we provide all services for the employees, including transportation and mobile restroom facilities. 

Be a part of making a tangible difference in your community. Investing in the well-being of underserved communities not only fulfills a sense of social responsibility but also fosters a positive public image for business. Supporting initiatives such as our Work Crew Program that uplift marginalized individuals not only impacts lives directly but also cultivates a loyal customer base and attracts socially conscious partners.  

By partnering with initiatives that better the community, businesses not only contribute to the greater good but also create a ripple effect of positive change, ultimately leading to a stronger, more inclusive society.

Learn more about the Elijah House Foundation’s unique response to your employment needs in our article, “Unlocking Efficiency and Compassion: The Solution to Your Temporary Workforce Needs“.

Let’s Work Together

The work program serves four counties: Butte, Yuba-Sutter, Contra Costa, and Monterey County.

If you would like to hire a crew for your next big project, contact our Community Care Liaison, Prairie Francia at (530) 816-1616 to discuss the timeframe and project requirements, or use the form below.

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